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Why our fundraiser Earns you Profit!

Below are two graphs from one of the premier fundraising agencies in the United States detailing why Americans did and/or didn't support a school fundraiser. We took their answers to heart and have created a solution that eliminates the reasons to not support a fundraiser, and emphasizes the reasons to support a fundraiser. The bottom line is that Americans want to help out your organization, and by using the services that All Star Fundraising provides we can make sure that they do!

Profit Calculator

By using our Profit Calculator you can get an estimate as to how much your program can make by using All Star Fundraising: 

No of Participants:

No of Bags:

No of Fundraisers Per Year:

Total $ Amount Earned per Year: $

  • We recommend that each participant sells at least 30 bags of salt
  • Most of the programs we work with conduct two fundraisers per year