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What you sell

What you sell is the most important aspect of any fundraiser. No one needs tubs of cookie dough or 10 frozen pizzas so why do most fundraisers sell these? At All Star Fundraising we offer unique products that people need!

We offer three types of water softener salt, along with two types of gardening mulch (a great spring seller). We sell this salt to you at well below retail price, and if you sell the salt to your customers at our recommended prices, we guarantee a two dollar profit on every bag sold!

Lugging bags of salt or mulch from the store to your car, and then from your car to your softener is a hassle. Our fundraiser allows customers to avoid this chore by having your program deliver the salt, and potentially seeing how their money has helped your program!

Sun Soft Extra Coarse

Your cost: $4.75
Recommended selling price: $6.75

Sun Soft Pellets

Your cost: $5.25
Recommended selling price: $7.25

Sun Soft Rust-Out

Your cost: $5.75
Recommended selling price: $7.75

Premium Cypress Rose Mulch

Your cost: $3.00
Recommended selling price: $5.00

Premium Cypress Red Mulch

Your cost: $3.00
Recommended selling price: $5.00

How you sell

All Star Fundraising has perfected our sales process through the years. Currently, we recommended a two week period of actual sales, either by going door-to-door or simply calling all friends and family in the area. The money is collected from customers at the time of sale though we are working on alternative forms of payment. We provide all of the participants with a paper order form where they note all relevant information.

At the end of the sale, small teams have an administrator tally all of the orders and then submit the pallet totals to us via an online. Large teams have the added benefit of an online order form. This form allows participants to enter in their order totals online and on a specific date, the online order form closes, and we are sent an order amount. An automatic thank-you email and order confirmation is sent to your customers as verification for their purchase. This minimizes the work that your organization has to do. We then collect delivery information from your organization and place an order with our distributor. When the salt arrives, your program participants deliver the salt to your customers and reap the rewards!