Our Process

A turnkey business solution

The Turnkey Process

A Turnkey process is a system in which all you have to do is “turn the key” and a complete package will be created to meet your set of goals. At All Star Fundraising, you just need to give us the green light and we will implement our already proven system, which guarantees your program a profitable fundraiser. The recommended time for our fundraisers is three weeks from beginning to end. Most of our clients do two fundraiser per year!

We use a five-step process to help streamline the fundraising process:

  1. Kick-Off Meeting - A parent/participant/organizer meeting where we provide a customizable presentation to educate everyone about the fundraiser.
  2. Sales - We split the sales portion of the fundraiser into two parts. The first is the pre-sale (a two to three week period of selling to friends & family). The second is an optional blitz day (the classic door to door sales method).
  3. Delivery - All Star Fundraising will work with you to coordinate your salt order, along with a deliver date, time, & location.
  4. Distribution - The day where your fundraiser participants hand personally deliver the salt.
  5. Profit - A guaranteed $2 profit on every bag of salt sold. Check out our Profit Calculator to see how much your program can raise


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Kickoff Meeting
Sale Begins
3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12
Sale Ends
Finalize Order
17 18 19

The Two Tier Model

We believe that we can offer the best services if we delineate our clients into two groups, those who have greater than 30 participants and those who have less than 30 participants. Below we have detailed the specific services that we offer depending on your program size. Smaller programs may purchase the benefits of the large-program package at a cost of 25 cents per bag of salt.


Small Programs (<30 participants)

(Large Programs (>30 participants)

Guaranteed $2 Profit
Student Order Forms (PDF)
Product Supplier
Online Program Portal
Delivery Coordination
Incentive Program Tips
Sales Tips
Kickoff Visit from ASF
Online Ordering
Automatic Order Tabulation
Personalized Thank You E-Mail to All Customers
Customer Database and Reporting
 Coming Soon 

Our History

All Star Fundraising was created in 2003 to help local sports teams coordinate an easy and effective way to fundraise. ASF has continued to streamline its proven turnkey process and now works with a variety of organizations throughout Minnesota. Our goal is to help programs become more financially independent by minimizing the amount of work required to maximize profit!

Our Products

We offer unique products that your customers actually need, with a service that they love. To learn more click here: 


Your Profit

We guarantee a $2 profit on every bag of salt sold (with the exception of small programs moving up to large program service). To calculate how much your program could earn with All Star Fundraising, use our profit calculator located on this page: